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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Old stories.

You know what I'm talking about. Those old stories you've been schlepping around for centuries. They've become kind of cozy, So what if they're keeping you from your brilliance?

When I was a kid living in Queens (NY), every summer my parents would take me and my older sister to a not-so-fancy hotel in the Catskills for a two-week vacation. This was heaven on earth for the folks. For me, not so much.

The two highlights at this hotel were Talent Night and Cha Cha lessons by the pool. (Get the picture?)

All my life I thought Paris, now that's a vacation spot.

Whenever I wanted something, which was often, mom would say something like "that's for rich people." The message, which I heard often enough, was loud and clear.

I heard that story all the time. That's the story I grew up with. So it became my story. That all the stuff I dreamed about was for someone else. Someone "rich." Not me. So forget it and go learn the Cha Cha (which I did).

But that was just a story. My parents' story. Not mine. What an epiphany! Once I got that and realized I could create my own story, that I wasn't destined to spend my life learning how to Cha Cha by the pool, everything changed.

So why do we cling to these old stories when we're adults? Well, I'll tell you. Because success is a real bitch. It's heavenly, but it also makes us feel vulnerable, naked. And no one runs naked into the arms of vulnerability.

We'd almost rather keep plodding along vacillating between greatness and soso-ness. So afraid to let the old stories go. I mean, if we fall, there's no net. Nothing to catch you.

But wouldn't it feel amazing to let the old stories go? To be a trailblazer? Wouldn't it feel like the stuff dreams are made of?

Here's a few old stories you might recognize...

➢No way can I have that kind of life.

➢I suck at everything.

➢I'm just not good at numbers/writing/music/finger painting.

➢They are going to LAUGH at me.

➢I'm not good enough for that promotion/job.

➢No one ever listens to what I have to say.

➢That trip/car/beachhouse/ is for rich people.

➢Every time I open my mouth, some more "stupid" comes out.

➢Who am I kidding?

➢I'm not as talented/important/cool/smart/beautiful/awesome/gifted...

What are your old stories? How are they holding you back? How are they holding you down? Are you worried you'll upset someone if you change your story? Are you afraid you'll change? Are you unsure how to start rewriting your stories?

Believe there's more for you than Cha Cha lessons by the pool. Believe you have greatness inside you. Believe you are a Badass and you have gifts to share with the world. Start creating a new story. Now.

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