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The Best Part...

“The Best Part…”

Anticipating the prompts. Not knowing if any words would come. Wanting to hear others share. Seeing what road they took.

That was the best part.

Breakfast quite early. A fresh pot of coffee all for me. Overlooking the sea. No land. Insanely beautiful. The coffee, so delicious and hot. The ambiance so peaceful. The sun warming up the day. Before too many people came milling about. This felt all mine. These brief moments. Just me and this magnificent setting.

That was the best part.

Excursions to the Ruins and Lindos with shopping and lunch out. Being with new friends. Taking space from writing. Exploring. Being part of this world. Soaking it up. Imprinting it on my heart. Two lovely lunches out with friends. Not having to be anywhere else. Just enjoying others and sharing our stories.

That was the best part.

After dinner, the piano bar in the lobby. One particularly amazing lounge pianist/singer. Her deep voice reminded me of Sydney, the kid. I guess could imagine Sydney doing this. The Bellinis quite yummy. The music she played put me in that perfect lighthearted, "everything is right with the world” mood. And especially when she played “Take 5” (Bob’s favorite). He always shows me when he’s on hand, cheering me on.

That was the best part.

Finishing something I started. Being brave. Choosing courage over fear. Being with new people, especially hard for the introvert I am. There was a relaxed vibe. No wrong answers as Jackie always says (that could be a tagline). All of us feeling safe to go at our own pace. Like our surroundings. Calm. Breathing in. Breathing out. Like the water that surrounded us. And we all had things to say, to write about, and felt safe to do so. We were led with ease and felt safe to open up and share our true selves. I usually keep things hidden, a secret just for me. Nice to feel okay to share. To give myself permission. And I’m proud of what I wrote.

That was the best part.

Rhodes, Greece, Writing Retreat

All because the opportunity came and I said “yes.”

What opportunities are you saying Yes to? Is something tapping you on the shoulder? Whispering in your ear? Showing you it's possible?


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