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What Movie Will You Create?

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

So, some horrible circumstance has befallen us. Or we're worried about something that's happening in our life. What do we do? We create a horror movie. All doom and gloom of what might happen. Because we want to be prepared for just about anything. So we live in that movie. We wallow in that movie. That movie becomes our hell.

Here's the thing. Why would we create this movie and live in that? And if the disaster we created actually does happen, why would we have put ourselves through this hell twice??

How about if we create a different movie?

A movie where things work out.

A movie where the disaster is averted. Things are better than we imagined.

A movie where we are enough. A movie where we are badass.

A movie where our kids are happy, and healthy, and successful?

A movie where even when things go bad, and I mean really bad, we don't plummet to the fiery pits of Mordor.

A movie where we set an intention every day. To be brilliant. To be awesome. To be happy.

A movie where we choose to do the best we can. To be proud of ourselves. To love ourselves.

If we can create a horror movie, we can create the opposite. A badass super cool magical happy movie.  I'll start you off:

Horror Movie: I am so worried my kids will hate going off to college and be sad all the time. They'll miss me tons  and will end up dropping out. Becoming bums. And wandering the world aimlessly.

Happy Movie: I am so excited for my kids going off to college! To finally feel independent. They'll do great in classes and meet friends. There will be times they end up crying and times they're on the floor laughing their asses off. I'm so excited for all their adventures. Woo hoo!

Horror Movie: Things are not so good at work. We were on a steady climb, but now we're in a bit of a hole. I can forget about that promotion I was hoping for. We're all worried about our jobs. It's not looking good. The end is near.

Happy Movie: Get a Grip. No matter what's happening at work, I am a valuable staff member. I have done an amazing job all these years, and I am not going to let this circumstance  crush my soul. I will ride this tidal wave like the awesome person I am. And no matter what happens, I will be brilliant and ready for what's next.

Horror Movie: I’ll probably have a cruddy vacation. I was excited at first about Disneyland. I’ve always loved this stuff. But now I’m dreading it. Just my luck It will be raining the whole time. The coolest rides will be closed. The ice queen will have a cold. And I’ll be stuck riding It’s a Small World After All five times. Oh brother. What have I gotten myself into?

Happy Movie: Excited? Not even close. They haven’t invented a word for how I’m feeling. I’m positively buzzing with jubilation. Meeting the pals in Disney is just about the best grownup vacation there is. I may just try to get a gig there myself! Don’t be surprised if the next time you visit, I’ll be waiting in my Evil Queen costume to greet you!

We always default to creating the worst scenario possible and we live in that movie every day. Every night. Every waking hour. Until it squeezes the life out of us with worry and despair.

So let's stop that shit right now. If you have the ability to think the worst, you have the ability to think the best. Step 1. Think about the worst. Step 2. Write down the opposite. All the opposites are your new movie.

Get busy.

What's this got to do with success? Just about everything. Your perspective is everything. It's how you see success. See the world through a different lens. Start seeing success, Start living out loud.

If this resonates with you, I'd love to give you what I have found to be so valuable.

So, please click here for your free Mindset Guide.

And you might enjoy this article by Jack Canfield "7 Steps for Creating the Life You Want."


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