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Work with me

You'll never have to ask again - "Where'd my power go?" 

90-Minute Power Session  

In our 90-Minute Power Session, you will bring one issue to dive into.

This is your opportunity to bring your question about anything getting in your way

stopping you, holding you back.

What we can accomplish together:

-Cut away the noise interfering with your goals.

-Remove the obstacle getting in your way. 

-Guide you to take the steps you need.

Please come prepared with all questions to ask me during our private session.


1-Hour - Empowerment Coaching

One-hour weekly coaching sessions to crack open obstacles

keeping you stuck & overwhelmed, 

This is one-on-one customized coaching

where I cut through to the issue, give you a strategies and tools,

to help you pursue your goals.


(Four-week minimum)


  "Design Your Life" Masterclass  


"Design Your Life" Masterclass is 7 sessions. In each session

we dive into two of the 14 concepts that will replace

 a disempowering mindset, with a fresh perspective that 

will transform your level of confidence & help you pursue your goals.

My Promise To You: 

-Give you direction with 14 empowering concepts.

-Help remove limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

-Help you recognize your saboteurs. 

-Shift your mindset and rewrite your story.


Which support is best for you?



The Empowered Entrepreneur

In this 1-hour Workshop I will guide you step by step through an

empowerment journey, leaving behind fears, self-doubt, and old stories

creating feelings of accomplishment and success and transforming your mindset

You will walk away being an empowered entrepreneur.

Empowerment after Loss  

(A conversation about Holding on & Letting go.)

This 1-hour Workshop is focused on why we stay in grief, and when do we finally

decide to have the courage to see what is on the other side, so our healing can begin.

You will come away feeling uplifted, inspired, and courageous.

Pen to Paper - Write Now 

In this 1-hour Workshop I will guide you step by step and dismantle 10 blocks that are

 keeping you stuck. Imagine sitting down to write, and your pen magically starts to write.

The feelings of self-doubt have disappeared.

You will come away with steps and inspiration to Write Now. 

Going Beyond Thank You  

In this 1-hour Workshop we will focus on the 10 Gratitude practices

that will shift your mindset and show you how making gratitude a daily practice 

can change (add magic) your life, and bring you joy, clarity, and peace.


Color Outside the Lines
Group Coaching/Mastermind
 Join a circle of professionals seeking connection, camaraderie, and growth.

Uncover blocks, share experiences, brainstorm solutions, and have 

"aha" moments in this rich diverse community, where we create possibilities.



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