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I work one-on-one with you to shift the distress you are feeling in your

professional or personal situation into joy and clarity. 

I help to remove what's sabotaging you, guide you with a plan to move forward with confidence,

help you achieve whatever you define as success, and prepare you for the next level in your

professional career or personal endeavors.

With an approach that is focused, intuitive, strategic, and I offer a safe, informal

environment where you will feel at ease. Truly an investment in yourself and your future. 


The "Design Your Life" workshop uses my 10 Steps to Empowerment as a guide. Each week

we explore two of the 10 steps that are essential to designing the life you want.


In this workshop you will recognize your saboteurs, kick them to the curb, and establish

 new norms of inner power so you can be the Badass you are meant to be and design the life you want.



If you don't like the way your life is going, or perhaps you're playing out a script someone else has written for you,

it's time to Rewrite your script. This workshop focuses on 10 Badass Feelings to help you transform your life.

They are:Feel Good, Feel Joy, Feel Calm, Feel Balance, Feel Ease, Feel Inspired, Feel Appreciation,

Feel Worthy, Feel in Flow, Feel Complete.

Choosing the right feelings instead of battling the wrong ones will create script you wan to live.

 This is an interactive workshop where I give you easy writing prompts. Writing is encouraged, but it is what

comes up for you through the prompts that is the real magic.

Take the first step & discover your path.

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"The best thing about working with Sheila

is her skill at building your self-confidence and her getting

you to value your unique strengths.

Sheila empowered me to believe in my own style." -Ruth A.

"Sheila's direct approach is easy to digest.

She is very intuitive and her thoughtful questions

leave you excited to explore new possibilities."  - Jill L. 


A Gratitude Workshop to Live Your Best Life. This workshop focuses on 10 Gratitude themes,

the first of which is to be thankful for the most important person you know. YOU. These Gratitude principles

can add magic to your life and bring you what you want. 

Group Coaching/Mastermind

Join a circle of professionals seeking connection, camaraderie, and growth.

Uncover blocks, share experiences, listen to insights, brainstorm solutions, and have amazing

"aha" moments in this rich diverse community where we create possibilities .


"Sheila's extremely effective at wading through the details.

Working with Sheila made a daunting change more manageable 

and doable and I feel more confident moving forward."  - Carrie U.

"Sheila has an uncanny ability to clear away the noise and get

to the root of the real issues and road blocks that may be holding

you back from getting what you truly want out of your career and life."  - Kelsey L.


For the emerging professional who is eager to be a true leader. A fierce leader. With 20 years

of leadership experience, using five key steps, I show you how to be a kick-ass manager, respected and loved

by your team. My process will ensure you achieve your highest potential and a team that is inspired and thrives. 

"I leaned hard on Sheila for help in becoming an effective

manager at a personally and professionally difficult moment. Sheila

helped me establish better practices, let me learn to meet the challenge

with clarity and kindness, and put me in a position to sustain success."

- Adrian L.

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