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I know you've been trying to make a career shift. You've been doing everything you can think of to gain some clarity. To figure out your next steps. You may have even tried to get help from your manager.

You've gotten pretty used to feeling disappointed. You're tired of feeling stuck. You know you have to make this happen.



You know you want a career that makes you feel excited to get up on a Monday morning. A career where you feel respected and recognized. You know you're amazing. It's about time others did too.

You've tried. Again and again. But no one has the answers. At this point you may not even know what you want. You wish you had the next steps. 

Can we just say that it is damn hard to figure out where to go next in a career. It is not so easy to figure it out, especially when you're in the middle of it. It is so hard to solve this. 

Believe me. I know all about this. I've been there! I spent years being someone's assistant. Never having anything of my own. Always being at the beck and call of my manager. 

I knew there was so much more inside me. So much more I could give. I was practically bursting but could not for the life of me figure out what to do next. I didn't have the first clue. 

One thing I did know. I had to find a way to change my career. The thought of doing this the rest of my life was not an option anymore. I had to have a career shift. 


after spinning and spinning and trying to figure it out, it came to me. I only wish I hadn't been alone in this.



I wish someone could have helped me figure all this out. I suffered for many years. Figuring this out alone is a nightmare.

Hi, I'm Sheila, and I help professionals who feel stuck in their career see the path, the next step, a new way.


Sure, I have all the necessary qualifications, but what really MATTERS is I've been where you are. I know how you're feeling.



I found the missing puzzle pieces, and I can help you find your way to the success you deserve. 

"The best thing about working with Sheila is her skill at building your self-confidence and her getting you to value your unique strengths."

"Sheila's direct approach is easy to digest. she is very intuitive and her thoughtful questions leave you excited to explore new possibilities."

"Sheila empowered me to believe in my own style."

When I finally made my transition to a career fitting my talents, I had an amazing opportunity to lead a team of 20 creatives, and through that experience gained the skills and expertise to nurture and develop staff, and to have an active role in their career growth.



So, not only do I understand your struggles and the pain you're feeling, because I was there, I've also learned how to lead and encourage career growth.

This is why I created Live Out Loud Coaching.


I felt something had to be done to help professionals move up that ladder, have the career shift they desire, and be a badass success, instead of thinking that possibilities were for someone else.

There is a clear path and it's here for you. 


  • Getting clear on what you want, on your talents and strengths (things you may not even be aware of). 

  • Exploring what is causing you to struggle in your career.

  • Finding your sense of self again so your decisions are aligned with who you are.

  • Being able to recognize your saboteurs and diminish their power to keep you small.

  • Choosing the right words you say to yourself. 

  • Identifying practical steps that you can implement to help you see your path easily.

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  • What Do You Bring to the Party? 

  • How Do Your Gremlins Mess With You? 

  • The Words You Say 

  • Are You Being Served? 

  • Every Step is Your Success

  • Imagine Possibilities

"Sheila's extremely effective at wading through the details. Working with Sheila made a daunting change more manageable and doable and I feel more confident moving forward."

"Sheila has an uncanny ability to clear away the noise and get to the root of the real issues and road blocks that may be holding you back from getting what you truly want out of your career and life."

Ready for your Free "Get Started" Session? 


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