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Work with me

You can get unstuck. You can get empowered. You can create the life you want.


"90-Minute Power Session"  

In our 90-Minute Power Session, you will bring one issue to dive into.

This is your opportunity to bring your question about career, confidence, feeling stuck,

finding your passion, or anything that has been keeping you from moving forward. 

What we can accomplish together in our private power session:

-Cut away the noise interfering with your success.

-Tools to discover your passion.

-Build your self confidence.

-Remove obstacles keeping you stuck. 

-Explore new possibilities.

Please come prepared with all questions to ask me during our private session.

(If you are seeking on-going support, you should apply for my 12-Week Transformation.)


12-Week-"Design Your Life" Transformation  


My 12-Week "Design Your Life" Transformation is you and me each week on Zoom, crushing limiting beliefs and a disempowering mindset, and activating inner power to help you move forward with clarity.


I am here to  help you discover what is disempowering you, in your career,

at home, or in your thoughts, so you can move forward and not be pulled off your path.

Each week we dive into one of the 12 keys. Each key is designed to help you crush obstacles,

get unstuck, step into your future self, move forward, and live your full potential.

These keys will be our framework to giving you answers, a strong foundation, and new perspective.  

My Promise To You: 

-Give you direction with 12 empowering keys.

-Guide you to removing fear or limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

-Help you recognize your saboteurs. 

-Shift your mindset and help you show up as #1.

-Help you overcome obstacles that are keeping you from your true potential.


Free Intro Call. Choose the support that's best for you.



"Going Beyond Thank You"  

In this 1-hour Workshop we will focus on the 10 Gratitude practices

that will shift your mindset and show you how making gratitude a daily practice 

can change (add magic) your life, and bring you joy, clarity, and peace.

"Get Out of Your Way"  

In this 1-hour Workshop we will focus on 3 Blocks that are getting in your way

and keeping you from the success that you want and deserve. You will come

away with knowledge and steps to stop you from getting in your own way. 

Color Outside the Lines
Group Coaching/Mastermind
 Join a circle of professionals seeking connection, camaraderie, and growth.

Uncover blocks, share experiences, brainstorm solutions, and have 

"aha" moments in this rich diverse community, where we create possibilities.



For the emerging professional who is eager to be a true leader. As a leader with 20 years

of leadership experience, I show you how to be a great manager and leader.. My process will ensure you

achieve your highest potential and a team that is inspired and thrives. 


Let's Talk...Decide the Support Best for You.


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