Get what you want.

Be what you want.

Live out loud.

 Sometimes it's just freeing to have someone to listen, to not judge, to stand with you.

Sometimes you just don't want to have to figure it all out on your own.

You can have the success you deserve. It is available to you. It is possible for you.

Maybe you want a big career change. Maybe it's advancement in your current role.

Maybe it's navigating some tricky relationships in your career.

You feel ready for a change. You know you want something more. Something rewarding.

Something with a wow factor. Something that finally matches your talents. Your gifts.

You want phenomenal success. You deserve it. 

 Helping you find your voice, recognize your value, embrace your awesomeness and get unstuck,

so you can have a stellar life and career.

Get ready to imagine your possibilities and start living out loud. 

Discover your

passions &



"While in-between jobs, I met with Sheila to get started on a mid-career re-direction plan.  Sheila helped me to articulate specific goals and then identify concrete steps to begin working toward them.  She’s extremely effective at wading through the details and asking the right questions to keep the conversation focused on action.  I found her approach to be open, flexible, and guided by what I felt I most needed from our coaching session.  Working with Sheila made a daunting change more manageable and do-able, and I now feel more confident moving forward.  Sheila is a terrific transition coach!"

- Carrie U.



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