Hi.  I'm Sheila Kamuda, Certified Success Coach

Welcome to Live Out Loud Coaching

What is Living Out Loud ?

When I saw the quote from Emile Zola "...I came to live out loud,

I immediately understood this is about seeing your dreams, your goals, your desires realized.

I found the meaning of living out loud  in my own life, and I want each of you to

know and live that feeling. And to understand the steps that lead to those dreams.


It's time. Time to find your bliss (professionally & personally).

Time to find what feeds your soul, and go there.

Time to feel empowered. Time to live out loud. 


If you've tried but cannot figure out how to make this happen, I understand.

I'm here to change all that. I am here to show you the path. I am here to help you discover

your own power. I am here to help you believe you can realize your dreams and live out loud.

You can discover bliss in your life.

You can free the Badass inside & embrace your inner power.

You can get to where you want to be.

Take the first step. Book a free intro chat .

Click here for My Badass GRATITUDE Journal:

A Magical Journey of Appreciation to Actually Help You Live a

Blissful, Inspired, Grateful Life. 


Click here for My Badass Journal:

A Self-Love Journal to Free Your Badass,

Get You Empowered, and Actually Help You Live a Blissful life. 

Click Here to listen to my interview on Madeleine Black's "The Unbroken Podcast."

It shines a light on my life, loss, healing, and empowerment journey. 

Click Here  to watch the interview on Youtube.

Click Here to listen to my podcast interview with Dr. Mobi  - "Chasing Your Dreams."


Get what you want. Be what you want.

Live Out Loud

Discover your

passions &




"While in-between jobs, I met with Sheila to get started on a mid-career re-direction plan.  Sheila helped me to articulate specific goals and then identify concrete steps to begin working toward them.  She’s extremely effective at wading through the details and asking the right questions to keep the conversation focused on action.  I found her approach to be open, flexible, and guided by what I felt I most needed from our coaching session.  Working with Sheila made a daunting change more manageable and do-able, and I now feel more confident moving forward.  Sheila is a terrific transition coach!"

- Carrie U.

This was a wonderful opportunity to speak at a Ladies that UX event about leadership tips and tools, and how to be a kick ass manager; well liked, respected, and just awesome.
Please reach out if you’d like me to speak at your next event.
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