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Dear Badass,

You're great at what you do. You've worked hard to get here. You're proud of your personal and professional achievements. And you're eager for more. You know there is a next level. A level where you feel truly aligned and fulfilled. But something is keeping you from moving towards your passion and your full potential. You're feeling safe where you are. It's scary to unlock your inner power. Your true self. To realize your full potential. To give yourself permission to live an extraordinary life. 

I get it. 

I  grew up in New York (Queens), was a theatre junkie from the moment my folks took me to West Side Story, and almost pursued a theatre life. 

Being the worst student I've ever come across and wondering how I made it through the nightmare of school (I'd much rather be singing!), I somehow faced this fear of not being smart enough, and started working. My first job was at McGraw Hill and soon after, I was an assistant at The New Yorker Magazine. 

I worked my way up first in the advertising department and then the production department , where I met Bob, the love of my life, who lived in Chicago, worked for RR Donnelley, printers for The New Yorker. If it hadn't been for a damaged roll of paper, we might never have had that first phone call. 

After The New Yorker was sold, I made a huge leap (for love), left New York for Chicago, where Bob and I spent some glorious years. I worked for Lyric Opera, an amazing experience. 

Job situations took us to Seattle (of all places). We got married (back in NY at the Rainbow Room), had Sydney and enjoyed our life. I had the incredible opportunity to work for a small book producer, and in time became the director of a 20 member creative team, allowing me to utilize my leadership skills.  

And then, in an instant, life changed. Bob became ill and passed away in 2012. Sydney was 15. Devastating hardly expresses the grief, the hole that was left. I lost my partner, lost our relationship, and lost myself. It took several years of healing to finally come out the other side.  


As part of my process, I wrote a letter to Bob every day. I filled 43 journals with these letters, 1, 891 letters. And what I realized was I found my inner power. I learned that I could choose and create a new life for myself and Sydney.

I recognized that I needed to lead my life and not let circumstances pull me off my path or diminish my self worth. This is my mission as a coach. I find great joy in seeing you succeed, being the Badass you are meant to be, valuing all that you are, and living your full potential.

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Self-Published Books

THE LITTLE BOOK OF BADASS FEELINGS  helps women live a gorgeous and full and happy life. Choose these "Badass" high energy feelings instead of battling the wrong low vibes that keep you stuck  and unhappy. CLICK HERE to view/purchase on Amazon.

MY BADASS JOURNAL  is a guided journal that helps people learn the importance of self-love, and discover their personal power. It contains 52 prompts, inspirational quotes, and 10 empowering principles. 

CLICK HERE to view/purchase on Amazon.  

MY BADASS GRATITUDE JOURNAL starts with being grateful for YOU. This guided journal contains 52 prompts, inspirational quotes, and 10 principles. CLICK HERE  to view/purchase on Amazon.


Sheila's interview on Mike & Jo Consulting is all about Living Out Loud. Click Here to listen.

Sheila's interview on Dr. Heidi's podcast is: "The Power of Self Love: Finding Value Within Ourselves."

Click Here to listen.

Sheila's interview on Madeleine Black's "The Unbroken Podcast" shines a light on her loss, healing, and empowerment journey.  Click Here to listen.  Click Here to watch on Youtube.

Personal Manifesto

  • Celebrate yourself. Every morning, look in the mirror and say "YAY ME."

  • Words are your riches. No negative self-talk. It keeps you small.

  • Own your you-ness. You have gifts you "bring to the party" that no one else can bring. 

  • You get to choose the life you want.

  • Always, always, always follow your inner voice (that's your gut).

  • You have not been put here to just "take up space." Believe you are enough. Right now.

Who Am I ?

  • I'm a die hard New Yorker (yes, theatre junkie). 

  • I love champagne. Bubbly just makes everything okay.

  • I could spend hours soaking in the Chagall windows at The Art Institute of Chicago. 

  • Favorite icon: Audrey Hepburn. But Sondheim is god.

  • Old movies are king: All About Eve, Rebecca, Vertigo, Barefoot in the Park, Butterflies are Free, Dinner at Eight. 

Key Facts

  • Certified coach since 2018.

  • Directed a team of 20 creatives.

  • Over 15 years of professional leadership experience. 

  • Self-published author.

  • Podcast guest.

  • Event speaker at Creative Mornings.

  • Experienced my own personal empowerment journey

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