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Sheila knows from her own experiences how important it is to find bliss. She knows how empowerment is key to a successful life and career.This was something she learned after the loss of her husband. She had to find a way to cope with her new situation and make a life for herself and their 15-year old daughter.


Through this journey, Sheila was changing. Finding her true self. The Badass within. She realized that what was happening was empowerment. She discovered that this was the answer. To possibilities, to believing in self, to opportunities, and to ongoing happiness and success.

Sheila also understands what you're going through. She's been in the workforce all her life. She's been on both ends of the spectrum of miserable and happy. She can help turn doubt into confidence, powerlessness into empowerment, confusion into clarity. struggle into ease, and misery into joy.


Sheila's coaching certification, combined with 20 years of leadership experience, arm her with a depth of knowledge and understanding. She is committed to helping people discover their power so they can feel successful in their professional and personal life. 


Along the way, Sheila will help you be the powerful, dynamic, Badass you are meant to be. 

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Sheila has created MY BADASS JOURNAL:  A self-love journal to free your Badass, get you empowered, and actually help you live a blissful life. This guided journal contains 52 prompts, one for every week of the year, inspirational quotes, and a manifesto broken down into 10 bite-size principles that will set you on a journey on that magic carpet of empowerment!  Watch the video Here.

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Sheila has created MY BADASS GRATITUDE JOURNAL, the second journal in her Badass series, which takes you on a journey to discover how magical appreciation is, and that it starts with YOU.

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The interview Sheila did for Madeleine Black's "The Unbroken Podcast" shines a light on her life, loss, healing, and empowerment journey. To gain little insight into where I'm coming from, Click Here to listen. If you prefer to watch this on Youtube, Click Here.

Click Here to listen to my Podcast Interview with Dr. Mobi - "Chasing Your Dreams."

My Personal Manifesto

  • Hang on tight to your values. They are your guiding light. 

  • Speak your truth. 

  • Be courageous. Don't drink the Kool-Aid. You don't need to follow the crowd.

  • Words are powerful, so no negative self-talk. It keeps you small.

  • Believe you have something special, I  mean something freakin' special you "bring to the party" that no one else can bring because it's made up of you. Your struggles, Your successes. Your story. No one else can bring it like you can.

  • Own your you-ness.

  • You get to choose the life you want.

  • Believe you are enough. You have not been put here to just "take up space."

Fun Facts 

  • I'm a die hard New Yorker. Sassy, direct, focused..

  • I love champagne. Bubbly just makes everything okay.

  • Hikes on a trail scare the hell out of me. But give me a city walk any time.

  • I've tried to learn French a zillion times. 

  • I could spend hours soaking in the Chagall windows at The Art Institute of Chicago. 

  • Favorite icon: Audrey Hepburn

  • I'm a cat cuddler.

  • Old movies are king: All About Eve, Rebecca, Vertigo, Barefoot in the Park, Butterflies are Free, Dinner at Eight.

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