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Dear Badass,

Sheila knows from her own experiences how important it is to create the life you want. To love who you are,  to follow your dreams and the life you want to live. She learned this after the loss of her husband. That was a long  journey of grieving, healing, and growing.


She lost her partner and her best friend. She lost herself. She felt stuck. She didn't know what was next. Had no idea how to move forward. Had no idea how to begin.


After a lot of struggle, Sheila claimed her inner power (her "Badass"), learned how to start over, take some leaps, create a new life for herself and their 15-year old daughter, and live an effervescent life.


Sheila learned that she needed to lead her life and not let circumstances bring her down, pull her off her path, or diminish her self worth.

Sheila is passionate about helping you identify what is disempowering you, recognize your inherent strengths, and develop a sense of personal power.  Her mission is helping you believe in yourself, taking the steps, finding your joy, discovering what's next, and being in your own power so you can live your dreams.

Sheila's coaching certification, personal journey, and  20 years of leadership experience, arm her with a depth of knowledge and understanding. She is committed to helping you with your personal development.

Ready to be what you are meant to be?

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Sheila published THE LITTLE BOOK OF BADASS FEELINGS to help women live a gorgeous and full and happy life. Choose these "Badass" high energy feelings instead of battling the wrong low vibe feelings that keep you stuck, spinning around, and unhappy. CLICK HERE to purchase.


Sheila self published MY BADASS JOURNAL to help women learn the importance of self-love, and discover their power. This guided journal contains 52 prompts, inspirational quotes, and 10 empowering principles. CLICK HERE to purchase.  

Sheila self published MY BADASS GRATITUDE JOURNAL to help women discover how gratitude can change their life. This guided journal contains 52 prompts, inspirational quotes, and 10 principles. 

CLICK HERE  to purchase.

Sheila's interview on Dr. Heidi's podcast is called: "The Power of Self Love: Finding Value Within Ourselves."

Click Here to listen.

Sheila's interview on Madeleine Black's "The Unbroken Podcast" shines a light on her loss, healing, and empowerment journey.  Click Here to listen.  Click Here to watch on Youtube.

Click Here to listen to Sheila's Podcast Interview with Dr. Mobi - "Chasing Your Dreams."

My Personal Manifesto

  • Your values are your guiding light. 

  • Speak your truth. Stop schlepping around other people's truths.

  • Be courageous. Don't drink the Kool-Aid. You don't need to follow the crowd.

  • Words are your riches. No negative self-talk. It keeps you small.

  • Own your you-ness. You have something you "bring to the party" that no one else can bring. 

  • You get to choose the life you want.

  • Always, always, always follow your inner voice (that's your gut).

  • You have not been put here to just "take up space." Believe you are enough.

Fun Facts 

  • I'm a die hard New Yorker. Sassy, direct, focused. But am a Paris junkie.

  • I love champagne. Bubbly just makes everything okay.

  • Hikes on a trail scare the hell out of me. But give me a city walk any time.

  • I could spend hours soaking in the Chagall windows at The Art Institute of Chicago. 

  • Favorite icon: Audrey Hepburn. But Sondheim is god.

  • I'm a cat cuddler.

  • Old movies are king: All About Eve, Rebecca, Vertigo, Barefoot in the Park, Butterflies are Free, Dinner at Eight.

Take your life to a new level.

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