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What Clients Are Saying

""The best thing about working with Sheila

is her skill at building your self-confidence and her

getting you to value your unique strengths.

Sheila empowered me to believe in my own style." -Ruth A.

"Sheila's direct approach is easy to digest.

She is very intuitive and her thoughtful questions

leave you excited to explore new possibilities."  - Jill L. 



"Sheila's extremely effective at wading through the details.

Working with Sheila made a daunting change more manageable 

and doable and I feel more confident moving forward."  - Carrie U.

"Sheila has an uncanny ability to clear away the noise and get

to the root of the real issues and road blocks that may be holding you

back from getting what you truly want out of your career and life."  - Kelsey L.


"I leaned hard on Sheila for help in becoming an effective

manager at a personally and professionally difficult moment. Sheila

helped me establish better practices, let me learn to meet the challenge

with clarity and kindness, and put me in a position to sustain success."- Adrian L.

"I worked with Sheila for 10  years and during that time (and beyond) she became

a constant grounding force for me both personally and professionally. 

Sheila's clarity and kindness are of immeasurable help to me and I  will

continue to work with her and seek her guidance for years to come. " - Heather D.

"Sheila keenly guides you on your personal exploration via thoughtful questions

aimed to gently get you to the heart of the matter. I've been amazed at how the 

perceived issue instead serves as the pathway toward the real issue. Sheila

knows how to navigate those tricky turns as your caring and intuitive guide on a

journey that is bookended by a clear focus on takeaways and to-do items. - Nancy C.

"In only four coaching sessions with Sheila, so much changed for me; my thinking

and my way to approach my business. Sheila is such a wonderful, warm-hearted

person who understood within in few minutes what my main pain points were.

She showed me various ways how to resolve my challenges and through the

coaching process I understood what had to change to make me feel better and

take care of my business with more fun and ease. Thank you so much Sheila, 

for your help and for your empathic, empowering way of coaching!"- Aurelia H.

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