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Want Success? Get Your Imagination Crown.

You have to imagine your awesomeness like when you were five and everything was possible.

This means you cannot limit yourself. You cannot doubt yourself. Ever.

You have dreams, goals, aspirations, passions. Make them BIG. Like when you were a kid and your imagination went wild. Nothing could stop you and the relentless hours you played make believe, and made everyone in the house play along with you.

You remember...

When you were king of the palace and you turned those weird green vegetables into candy.

When you were flying your rocket ship to discover crazy new worlds.

When you were a brain surgeon, for real, or on TV.

When you led the charge on your magical white horse.

When you sat all your stuffed animals around you and held court, telling them fantastical stories. (And they were very good listeners.)

When your bedspread became your cape whenever you needed to be a superhero.

When you sang on the kitchen table pretending that was your stage.

You get the idea.

So you're taller now. That's all.

You still have dreams. So make them HUGE. This is not the time to limit yourself. This is not the time to doubt yourself. This is the time to channel the kid in you whenever you need a boost of "Hell yeah, I'm a pirate!" And never stop.

This is the path to success. This is the path to awesomeness.


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