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A New Dance Called the "Energy Shift"

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Sometimes our troubles make life feel like the tectonic plates are moving violently under us. We feel helpless and fearful in situations we cannot control. Scary times.

It feels good to talk about our despair. It feels good to share, to not feel alone. But the trouble starts when we rehash it with each other. Over and over again. We think this gives us power. But this takes our power away (and fuels the horrid event).

It ain’t easy, but we have to stop. Why?

Because all this stewing will swirl up a tornado of so much negativity that:

-You’ll hit every red light & be stuck in traffic for hours without good music or books on tape.

-The food in your fridge will start looking a little green.

-The cat will throw up. In several places. Including your good shoes. The ones that cost you $200.

-Your rent will increase.

-Your promotion will fall through.

-Someone will take the last roll of toilet paper. Again.

You get the point.

And what’s the Universe doing while all this is going on? It’s shaking its “head” thinking, “Oh no, not that crap again! Haven’t you people figured out yet that living and breathing that fowl negative muck does zip for you!?

But we don’t stop. We can’t help it. We tell everyone who will listen about our sad story. And it is sad. It could be the worst thing that’s every happened. Losing a job. Not getting a promotion. Uncertainty at work. The worst manager on the face of the planet. Anxieties from world issues. And on and on.

Listen, venting (even to ourselves, and believe me I’ve done it enough times to know), does not help us climb out of our hell. It does not get us answers or direction. It keeps us pissed off, frustrated, bitter, sad, and worst of all, small and powerless.

Just once the Universe would like us to pull up our big girl panties and say “Oh hell. This is a rotten situation. I mean it really stinks and I’m a bit terrified right now. But I am going to force myself to put the tub of Ben & Jerry’s back in the freezer for a minute and listen to some tunes. I mean my favorite tunes. The ones that shift my energy. The ones that send me immediately into bliss, a euphoric state. Nirvana.

If music doesn’t transport you to Shangri-la, how about: Yoga? Meditation? A walk outside? A shower? EFT (Tapping)? A good book? A funny movie? Cooking? Retail therapy? Baking brownies? Walking the dog? Petting the cat? Helping a friend? Digging in your garden? Gratitude journaling? Re-arranging your furniture? Painting? Recalling your coolest memories like your first kiss, your wedding, your baby, a cool concert, a great trip, a delicious meal? Any one of these (or invent your own), can help shift your energy to a more positive state.

It is key to have your energy shifters at the ready so when the shit hits the fan, you got this.

No. The situation may still stink and it may stink for a long time. The change will not be on the outside. It will be inside you.

And when your energy shifts, your pounding heart will quiet a little. You will find yourself coping a little better. Ideas will pop up from out of nowhere about how to move forward.

Once you make this your new habit, you will not be able to go back to the way it was. That just won’t cut it anymore. Feeling good will just feel too good. So if you do nothing else, please find what shifts your energy. And stay there. Forever.

What’s this got to do with success? Everything. Success will come if we quit living in hell and start living in happiness. Sounds hokey, I know. Trust me on this. The second you step in shit and stay there, more of the same will come at you. So do yourself a favor. Clean off your shoe, shift your energy, and take your power back. It’s time to start living out loud.

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