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Updated: Nov 6, 2023

There's a lot of confusion about getting what you want. I've broken it down for you in five steps. Like a lot of things, they're simple steps but might take some practice.

WANT - You must know what you want. Easier said than done. A lot of us know what we don't want. That is a much easier task. "I don't want a car that breaks down." "I don't want a low paying job." " I don't want to have a relationship that's controlling." But to think about what you want with clarity, meaning why you want that specific thing can feel a little daunting. This is a crucial first step. Here's a hint. It must be a Hell Yes. Remember, there is no Hell Maybe.

DECIDE - Once you've figured out what you want and are clear about it, you must decide to have it. That it is yours. There is no two ways about it. You own it. It's a done deal. (I remember feeling this way when I wanted to get married at the Rainbow Room. It was a totally crazy idea, but I loved the Rainbow Room, and it was a Hell Yes. Nothing was getting in the way of that.)

ACT - Now you must take a step. Yup, that's right. You can't just wish it and hope the Universe drops it in your lap while you're watching reruns of Law & Order. I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is to take the first step. This indicates that you are serious. That nothing is stopping you. (If this is feeling tricky, go back to step one and make sure it's what you want.) The action you take needs to be something you get all pumped up about. You can imagine it. It's exciting. You feel passionate about it. You can't wait. You're like a kid on your birthday.

SURRENDER - This is the oddball step. The one where you're going to say Sheila has finally lost it. What do you mean SURRENDER!?! You just told me to act on it. Yup I did. And once you've acted on it, do not beat it to the ground. Do not look at your watch every five seconds. Do not write in your journal, "So where is it?" Do not harp on it. Let It Go. It is coming. This or something better. This is the part where you get to practice believing it will happen. This is the part where you just chill. And live in the uncertainty for a bit. And keep believing.

FOLLOW - So what happens after this? You will see a breadcrumb to follow. And then another. It might be a book that pops up that peeks your interest. Or someone you run into that says something you needed to hear. It could be anything. The key is to stay open. Be available for each experience. This is the thread leading you to your goal. So don't stomp on it. Don't miss the clue because you're too busy yammering about why it's not here yet. Or it's not exactly how you imagined (in the long run, it will be better).

Want. Decide. Act. Surrender. Follow.

If you'd like help as you're going through this or to work on your goals, I got you. Click here to contact me for a free call to see how I can support you.


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