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Be the Badass Success You Dream About

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

You can be the badass you dream about if you can ditch your success blockers.

That's if you know what they are. So while you're saying groovy affirmations, and believing in yourself, and spouting all the right words -  I'm getting that promotion. I am brilliant. I can handle a career transition. I got this. New relationship, here I come - you'll get somewhere, but not as far as you want.

Why? I'll borrow Jen Sincero's brilliant visualization to explain: There's a dead carcass under your porch. You can paint the porch and load it with flowers, but the stink will stay there until you get rid of the carcass.

You can be a badass if you can recognize the carcass, a.k.a. your success blockers. Until you dredge up these buggers, your mind will allow you just so much success and no more. It will keep finding evidence of keeping you just where you are.

In case you're wondering, your success blockers have taken up residence in your subconscious. Since you were two. Creepy, right? And no matter how much your conscious mind wants something, your subconscious mind is running the damn show.

If this is new to you, stay with me. I'll help with some examples:

Conscious Thought: I am joining Cirque du Soleil. I dream about it. I know I can totally do this. When I was a kid I was in every gymnastic event you could think of. I've dreamed about this for so long, and I know exactly what I'm doing for my audition video!

Subconscious Thought (where your success blockers have taken up residence): You really think your body is flexible enough? I hope you're not giving up your day job. And, um I hate to be the one to mention the word "svelte" in your presence, but don't you need to be for this gig?  You know your friends are going to laugh their asses off when you tell them. Ah, yeah, they will.

Reality: Cooking dinner in that gold sequined tutu. Taking trapeze classes and practicing bungee jumping.  Dressing up for Halloween in a cool Cirque costume.

Conscious Thought: I love elephants! I am definitely checking out an elephant safari for my next vacation. There are so many great ones to choose from. I've been talking to people who've done this and it is quite the adventure. Now it's my turn. Elephants - here I come!

Subconscious Thought (where your success blockers have taken up residence): So, how are you going to afford this trip? Yeah, I can see you out there wondering where the nearest Starbucks is. We are talking about Africa. Isn't that kind of far? You can take that much time from work?  Let me remind you that your parents said travel was for other people, rich people.  Plan it for next year. Maybe.

Reality: Watching the travel channel. Every night. Checking out cool luggage. Getting a subscription to Travel & Leisure. Eating in an exotic restaurant. At the Zoo. Wow.

Conscious Thought: I am so going to transition to a new career as a documentary filmmaker.  This passion keeps surfacing. I see other people making career changes.  It's time to stop yammering about it and do something already, and I am super psyched. 

Subconscious Thought (where your success blockers have taken up residence): What makes you think your passions are going to catapult you to this new career? Who do you think you are? Scorsese?  You better stay where you are. Stop thinking crazy things. This doesn't happen to regular people.

Reality:  Going  to the movies. Watching Ted Talks about folks who have made major career transitions. Videotaping  the neighborhood cats. Oscarless.

Once you unearth the damn stuff holding your subconscious mind hostage, and can understand how it's holding you back, no matter how many times you say, I am great, I am brilliant, I am a success, I am awesome, I am rich... you can flip it. How?

By finding evidence of your successes, of your awesomeness, of your brilliance, of your prosperity. I don't care if your evidence was once when you were in the third grade. Stack up the evidence. Remind yourself of your successes. As often as you can. This will help ditch the bitch (sorry, blocker), so you can start building your success muscle. And there will be no stopping you.

And if you're wondering what the hell I'm even talking about, I'm here to help you recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate your badass possibilities. So reach out.

If this resonates with you, I'd love to give you what I have found to be so valuable.

So please, click here for your free Mindset Guide.

And here's a Washington Post article about the original badass,

Jen Sincero "6 Essential Tips"


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