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Each Tiny Step IS Your Success

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

If you don't think you've accomplished anything, and you're beating yourself up for not being more successful, more brilliant, more magical, look back over your shoulder. Go ahead. look!

Look at your year. I know you've done so much, made so many strides, learned so much, and taken a zillion steps forward.

Listen. Each step is a success. Each step is an accomplishment. A huge one. When you're in the moment, it can feel like nothing is happening, or taking an eternity. We want everything so fast. We don't even stop to praise ourselves. Well that time, my friend, has come.

Just look at all you've done. Visualize it. It's your movie. Do you see yourself taking opportunities, making decisions, having new experiences, learning more about yourself, feeling stronger and more confident, taking steps toward your dream?

Maybe, just maybe:

You finally went for that promotion. That took guts!

You started honoring your work/life balance.

You navigated a tricky situation with colleagues.

You got through a disappointment, or made a career change, or started valuing yourself more.

You finally revised your resume.

You started exploring classes or workshops.

You went on that dream vacation, or started reading more, or joined a sky diving club.

You started getting massages or taking long walks.

The list is endless.

Write each step down. Every single achievement. Every tiny action you took. Everything you thought was nothing. Then read that long list out loud.

And then say, Hell I am damn good! I am a great freakin' success.

What does your movie look like? How have you been brilliant and stepping into your success every day?

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