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Faw Down & Go Boom!

You have this dream but the folks around you don’t get it. You want their acceptance. That’s important to you.

But you don’t take the leap or even that tiny step forward until you feel they are 100% behind you.

There's only one problem with this. You may be waiting forever. So try this instead.

Ditch the crowd that's yammering Stop all the nonsense. Stop dreaming already and get on with your life. They're just scared for you, so they want you to stop or give up and have a "normal" life. 

But here's the thing. If you have a weak moment and listen to the crowd, and bury your dreams, you'll rob everyone of your gifts, your greatness, your you-ness.

You'll look back years later wondering why you were such a wimp.

So how do you to do it with the crowd (and your gremlins) screaming at you to stop?

You must channel the tenacious badass baby you once were. As a baby, defeat would never have entered your mind. When you were learning to walk, your instinct was to try again. And again. And again. You learned something new each time. 

You had only one plan. Plan A. To Walk. 

You were probably thinking,Enough of this crawling around and only seeing the world from the carpet. This is a big bore.

And, you were cheered on by loved ones. They didn't thinkbetter give up and just be a life crawler. There's no way you're going to conquer walking. It's not in your wheelhouse. 

That would have been absurd. And even if they did, you would have been oblivious to their nonsense. People watched you and said,that's the hundredth time she faw down and go boom! Isn't that cute? She's up again. Whoops! Down she goes.

People can watch this all day. But they know that sooner or later, the kid is going to get it. And be running all over the damn place.

But as adults, when we "faw down and go boom" we feel SHAME. We believe we've FAILED. The crowd (and lord knows, our gremlins) do not go wild and cheer us on. They get worried, scared, nervous, embarrassed, and want us to stop trying. And all too often, we make the mistake and listen to them

So channel Tenacious Baby.

I am going to fucking stand up and walk. Oops! I got it now. Womp! One more time. Flop! Maybe if I just put my butt in the air first.And on and on. Until we succeed. And we do succeed. 

The steps you bravely take are paving the way for many people. It is all worth it. Be tenacious. Never stop. Never doubt. No matter how many times you faw down and go boom.

What's this got to do with success? The key is to keep taking action. Keep the momentum going. So what if you fail or need to learn something more? That's called evolving. Making mistakes is part of our success journey.

Failing is ok. It's good. Transformative. Revolutionary. A game-changer. Let's make "fail," this four-letter word something we're proud of. Do not give up on yourself. Ever. I mean it. It's time to start living out loud.

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