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Want. Claim. Act.

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Let's cut to the chase.

Three steps to be successful and fulfilled and happy.


You must decide what you Want (not what you don't want which is a much easier task). Think of when you're at the deli counter. They ask for your order. You're not sure if you want pastrami or corned beef. Or maybe tuna on rye toast. You must decide what you want or they'll go to the next person who's made up their mind. So this is your moment to choose. To decide. (And yes, the analogy is Universe = Deli guy.)

You must Claim it. That means decide it's yours. Not wishing. Not hoping. Claiming. It belongs to you. (You can even be thankful for receiving it).

You must Act on it. You cannot lounge on your chaise saying "ohms" hoping it will land in your lap. Take action. One step to start you off is fine. Inspired action is best. That means when you feel it. When your gut tells you to do something.

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