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Hell Yeah!

So, I wanted to get married at the Rainbow Room. That was it. Nothing was going to stop me. I wanted it. Had to have it. I let my imagination run wild. For a moment I let myself think it was possible. I made the decision. I chose to have this. (Just to clarify, I was 39, so this wasn't a case of kicking and screaming and having a tantrum.)

Now, I could have stopped there and said to myselfNo way will that ever happen! Who do you think you are Audrey Hepburn? You're a kid from Queens. YOU don't get married at 30 freakin' Rock!

But something inside me would not let it go. I refused to be realistic about it. In fact, being realistic is a big yawn. Our families and sometimes friends tell us to be realistic when we want to pursue a dream that seems outlandish. 

How often have we heard the words "Get Real?"That comes from people who can't imagine, so they don't understand when you do. They can't leap up to where you are, so they pull you down. To earth. Where sensible folks dwell.

Those two words, "Get Real" might just be the two worst words in the English language. They are such downers. At every turn we are being told not to stretch. Not to imagine (but follow our dreams). How any of us steps over this muck to get to the other side is beyond me.

Here's the thing. If what you want is a HELL YEAH! you are on your way. That means you are hell-bent on doing it, getting it, having it. And nothing is going to stop you. If it's anything short of that, stop renting space in your head about it.

So when you desire something, ask yourselfIs this a Hell Yeah? If it is, you have made the courageous decision to go after it. You have chosen to bring this into your life. This is Plan A. There is only Plan A. It must happen. You will do what it takes until it is yours.

Of course, you'll have to do the work. If you think you're going to be sipping champagne while the universe is working out, forget it. You need to do the heavy lifting.

And guess what? The steps might be hard. They'll definitely be out of your comfort zone. They might also be boring, intimidating, annoying, expensive. Who cares? You said Hell Yeah! That means you'd do anything to make this happen. 

Now, I need to explain something. If you are trying to convince yourself to do something, then you are not in flow. Huh? This means you're not feeling it deep down in your gut. Whatever it is, it's not a Hell Yeah! 

A Hell Yeah! is something you don't need to be convinced about. So if you have any confusion, you're not sure, or you're letting your gremlins rule you, it ain't a Hell Yeah! And that's ok.

If you're still trying to get your head around the whole HY! thing, think about a time you did this. Come on, I know you can recall at least one time.

Was it a job you wanted? A trip? A diamond? A cooking class? An apartment? A pedicure? Front row seats at some sporting event? Concert tickets?  A yoga retreat in Bali? Hiring a private chef for a week? A Hot Air Balloon ride? Getting your rugs shampooed? Buying those leather chairs you've been eyeballing for eons? Starting a donut business?

If you can recall just one of these times, you'll see evidence that you've done it before. Evidence is a wonderful thing. It tells us we can do that crazy stuff again. 

So make sure that what you want is a Hell Yeah! And not,I want it if it's easy and I can snooze while the Universe brings it to me on a silver platter along with my breakfast tray.

What does this have to do with success?

I don't want you to feel stuck. I don't want you to think there isn't a clear path. I want you to go after your Hell Yeah. It will lead you to success. To happiness. So go for it. Choose to have it. Make the decision. Take the steps. And never look back. It's time to start living out loud.

By the way, I did get married at the Rainbow Room. The steps weren't easy. It was expensive. It was out of my comfort zone. But, I made the decision. I chose it. I did the heavy lifting. I got it. It was perfect. And at no time did I doubt. 

If you're wondering what the hell I'm even talking about, I'm here to help you believe in yourself. To help you not be afraid of success. To help you with your Hell Yeahs!  If this resonates, Click here for your free 30-minute Strategy Session.

If this resonates with you, I'd love to give you what I have found to be so valuable.

So, please click here for your free Mindset Guide


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