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Instant Success?

Instant success. What is that?

So hard to be patient. We want it all. Fast. Now.

Maybe it's because we want to be certain we'll have success. If we have to wait, maybe we'll feel like it won't come. Or maybe we're following the wrong path and we should try something else.

S T O P.

Here's why we need patience. Here's why we don't want instant success...

We need to learn along the way, so when the stardom does come, it comes completely. If we have stardom too fast, there will be holes. We have so much to discover. If we get it too fast, it will be half-baked. When it comes too fast, we cheat ourselves out of the brilliance it can be.

We want to write a great book, create a beautiful piece of art, compose incredible music, write a play, poem, film. Choreograph a magical dance piece.

We're not just going to whip that up. Not without discovering things that will make our creation amazing. In order to do that, we must write, compose, choreograph, illustrate, create. And then again. And then again. And then again.

Because each time, we pick something up along the way, something we did not know before. Something we need to make it incredible. Something that makes us and our audience gasp with delight, feel ignited, euphoric,

So keep at it. This is the gold right here. Right now.


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