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It's My Career Path, Isn't It?

Have you noticed how everyone has advice about what you should do. About your career path. About your life. They all think you should listen to them. Like they know better than you.

These are your friends, family, colleagues, and almost anyone you've ever spoken to. It may seem like they have sound advice. It seems logical. After all, they care about you a great deal. They don't want you to misstep. Or fail. Or look foolish. Or broke. Or jobless.

But here's the thing. They're giving you advice looking through their lens. their perspective. They think they know you better than you do. This is absurd. They think they have the perfect answer for you. They're concerned for your future and are throwing every caution at you to stop you from making "bad" decisions.

Do not let them convince you they know more. How can they? They aren't living your life. Don't let their perspective cloud your thinking. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Go for the career you are passionate about and know you deserve. Don't let their worry, concern, fear, anxiety, keep you in a small place. You know better than anyone. And you may not have every single answer right now, but they will never have your answers. Ever.


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