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Kick What's Sabotaging Your Career Out of Your Life!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

You may be thinking nothing can help you with your awful boss. That it's hopeless.

You’re thinking:

I can’t fire my boss.

I can’t give me a promotion.

I can’t make them stop dumping work on me.

I can’t make them respect me and recognize my value.

I don't have any power over what goes on at my workplace.

I can’t hand myself a new career.

You’re also thinking:

I got this.

I can figure it out.

I’m smart, resilient, tenacious.

FIRST, take "can't" out of your vocabulary for good.

You don’t believe you have any power because you haven't been able to overcome this situation. So you don’t have evidence that it’s possible.

You can’t believe things can turn around for you because you’re spinning in your situation day in and day out. You cannot see past it to where the real solutions live.

Your friends are lovely but their advice only goes so far. They’re good at commiserating and making you feel less alone in the situation, but that’s all.

SECOND, You can find the solution if you're not standing in the problem.

Are you ready to say "I can?"

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