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Love The One You're With

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Here it is in a nutshell. If you love yourself enough, someone's opinion won't matter (all that much).

When you were a baby, you were completely in love with yourself. It didn't matter to you if you didn't walk right away or talk early enough. You were just yourself. You loved every part of you.

You didn't know back then how to not love yourself. You didn't know that someone's opinion counted. You were all that mattered in your world. If you can get back to that, opinion will start to bounce off you.

This can be especially helpful when someone is giving feedback but it feels more like opinion. It's delivered poorly and wrecks us. The feedback itself might have some merit but they've destroyed us through lousy communication.

Since we can't change the world by teaching everyone how to communicate in a supportive and nurturing way, we must must must learn to love ourselves like crazy again. When you love yourself, you know you are extraordinary. The feedback doesn't diminish your you-ness, your awesomeness, or the thing you created that is near and dear to you.

I remember when Sydney (my kid) was very little learning how to walk on the Balance Beam at gymnastics. She never worried if someone was behind her trying to rush her along. She took her time. She never felt pressured. If she didn't do it perfectly it didn't matter. The Universe was hers. The Balance Beam was hers. She was the only thing that mattered. That is self love.

We need to find that place first. We need to decide we matter more than the next guy. (No, this is not selfish so don't even go there.) We need to decide to love ourselves unconditionally.

Starting to love yourself again, will diminish, and may even eliminate the weight of someone's opinion so that you can actually reap the benefits of the feedback, and expand, grow, and reach your higher genius.

So get busy loving yourself. You have no time to waste.

Start allowing yourself to love you.

For any guidance on this, call me for a 30-minute consult.

Happy to show you how much you matter.

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