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Stop Coasting - Swoop In

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

You find yourself in a situation where you are beginning to coast. You're certainly not growing. Your manager doesn't have a clue, so even if your manager is told to help with your career path, if that's not in your manager's wheelhouse, ain't gonna happen.

So what do you do? Suffer in silence? Quit? Be overwhelmed searching for that new career? Talk shit all day about your manager?

No. No. No. And No.

Here's what I want you to do.

You've been around your manager long enough. You know what your manager is good at, and not so much. You're probably aware of some department weaknesses. You probably know some of your manager's pain points. Those things your manager has to deal with but really hates, and would prefer not to, if given the chance.

Maybe one of the pain points is an area that you'd love to jump in and handle. Maybe it's one of your strengths.

If you want to climb out of where you are, you must think "What's in it for my manager?" What is the pain point I can make disappear? (Of course, you'll also be helping your department and organization.)

We keep wanting our manager to have the epiphany. To change. To finally get it. To see the light. To be awakened. To care about you.

You know what I'm going to say. Ain't gonna happen. Why? Because your manager simply does not bring that "to the party." It will never happen. And becoming angry or sarcastic or passive-aggressive will do you tons of harm. Why? Because your manager will feel threatened by this behavior. And then your role will be reduced to the tiniest of tasks. Any power you had will be greatly diminished. So stop.

Step 1 - For a moment, stop being pissed off, disappointed in your manager, and disillusioned by the whole situation. Do not ignore this step.

Step 2 - Find something that you can fix or solve. Something that is a royal pain in the ass for your manager. It does not have to be a huge issue. It must be specific, not just you wanting to help. You want to make this as easy as you can for your manager to simply say, Yes!

Step 3 - Swoop in and be the savior. How? When you see an opening, suggest that you can help with the problem. That you'd love to help. And why you'd be great at this. Employees think their manager should just know you want to do more. They don't. You must tell them. So say things like: I would love to help with this, be in charge of this, facilitate this, solve some problems around this, create best practices to help with this, take this off your hands because you are so busy, and I see it driving you crazy.

You get a bonus point if what you suggest to take on is something that will elevate your career (and that's truly the whole point here). And, your manager will be elated you've taken this dreadful task over.


If this resonates with you, I'd love to give you what I have found to be so valuable.

So, please click here for your free Mindset Guide.


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