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Savor Each Moment

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

We're so caught up with timelines, deadlines, objectives, getting it done. Working to reach a goal at a specific date.

When we're working on ourselves, yup, self development, we expect the same. It's become a habit. And patience does not serve us.

We want our self development, our evolving to being a greater badass, more empowered, more brilliant, to be deadline driven too.

Ain't gonna happen.

Personal development just doesn't work that way. There are no graphs or deadlines. So no need to get your panties in a knot wondering when the transformation will take place. In fact, if you keep thinking about that, it will take longer. Why? Because you're focused on the wrong thing.

I have a little rose bush in my tiny garden. And there's a new bud on it. I can see it from where I sit each morning as I journal. It is so beautiful. Every day there is the tiniest of growth. Truly it's spectacular to behold.

And I don't want to look outside my window tomorrow and see it all grown. I want to savor the beauty of it as it is growing. I want to bask in how amazing it looks, how beautiful it is. And it is taking its time.

We need to be like the little rosebud. Just going day by day, learning, developing, evolving, growing. Without deadlines and timelines. But with eager anticipation at what we are becoming.

Self Development is such a huge part of being empowered and getting a career that feeds your soul. That's why I created 6 Steps to Skyrocket Your Career.

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