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The 3-Minute Rule

Something awful, disappointing, heartbreaking happens.

Take 3 Minutes to blow off steam, be pissed off, bitch, moan, obsess, cry, lose it.

Then move on.

You have important things to do. Staying longer than 3 Minutes will propel you down that rabbit hole. No good.

But how? How does one move on when they are wanting to tear someone's head off? Talk non-stop for days about the injustice?

Write a list of the steps you need to move you forward. Steps that mean Success once you've accomplished them. Make sure your list has baby steps, medium, and complex steps to choose from.

After something happens to royally piss you off, take your 3 Minutes. And then, take a deep breath, down some Proseco to celebrate the hell you've made it through, and then ask yourself "What's My Next Move?"

Look at your list and take one of the steps. Start with a baby step.

This is a chess game with the world, and it's your move.

After a while you will get really good at this. Something disappointing will happen, and you will only allow yourself to wallow for 3 minutes.

And then you'll move on quickly to the success you are meant to be.


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