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We're always looking for ways to take control of our lives. And there is something right in front of us, but we either trip over it or ignore it instead of taking charge.

These are our words. The words we say to ourselves. The way we talk to ourselves.

We think nothing of berating ourselves, putting ourselves down, doubting ourselves, calling ourselves names, and on and on.

All of this talk does is keep us small. It keeps us in prison. It keeps us doubting ourselves. It keeps us from seeing the brilliance in ourselves. It keeps us from imagining possibilities.

It is time to change this. It is time to create a new normal.

And how exactly do we do that? How can we change something we've lived with for so long?It is with practice and patience and repetition. Until we change the words. If you are about to say something negative about yourself, try thinking what the opposite of that would be. Say those words instead. (Example: I am an idiot for ... becomes: I am brilliant and love that I am constantly learning and evolving.)

It will probably feel strange at first, like a new piece of clothing that seems wrong for you. But the more you wear the new outfit, the more it becomes your new style. And the more you say these new words, the more they will become part of you. Part of your new identity.

Try these on for size:

I am really good at what I do.

I have so many experiences to share.

I am well liked by so many.

I am unstoppable, even when I have challenges.

I am talented.

I am important.

I am growing, learning, evolving.

I'm a badass at ___________.

I am uniquely me.

Remember, you become the words you say.

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