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What's a Victory Sheet, You Ask?

All those wonderful things you get done throughout the day, a.k.a.your wins (you know, the tasks you never thought would end, the tiny annoying ones, and everything in between), need to be written down on a Victory Sheet. You can do it old school, and keep a journal on your desk or keep a doc on your computer. The important thing is to note each time you have a win. it should be readily available to you so that when you're magnificent, you can record it, By writing these wins down, you're making it real and giving it (and you) significance. At the end of each day, try to have 1-3 wins to write down.

Sometimes it's hard to recognize your own greatness, but when you jot down a victory, it's a gift to you and to others. Maybe it's an idea for a new process, or a solution to a problem, or a new healthy lunch you tried, or better communication with your colleagues. It can be anything at all. Perhaps at the end of each week you'll want to reward yourself for all your wonderful achievements, and maybe you'll want to share some ideas with others.


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