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You Are Not Here to Coast

Things have been going pretty well for you. Maybe you're relaxing a bit too much. Floating through life. Not really evolving. And why not? Can't we rest for a minute? Well, you have rested. And now it's time to get up and move forward. Again.

Don't know how to move forward? Aren't even aware you should? No worries. The universe will kick you in the ass so hard, it will wake you from this haze you've been in, and turn your world upside down. You will have a major freak out. It will rock your world so hard, you will be forced to take some kind of action. No more floating. No more coasting.

It's about moving forward. You cannot stand still. The universe does not like that. It likes momentum. It wants you to live your purpose. If you stand still too long and do not move towards your purpose, it will wait for the right opportunity to trip you up so bad, you'll need an emotional body cast.

It's nice to coast. Sometimes we tell ourselves we're just chilling and waiting for things to happen. Sometimes we just get tired and want it easy for a while. Jeez, I have to evolve again? Didn't I just do that? Oh maybe not. Was that really several years ago?

We always need to take some action. Any action. We need to keep the momentum going. There is no coasting in this life.

So the next time your world turns upside down, you'll know why.


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