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You Got to Have a Dream...

Some folks say, your dream, the thing you want most of all, should be like the air you breathe or food you eat every day. It should be right in front of you. You keep it front and center. I invite you to think about this another way.

Imagine your loved one is waiting for you. This can be a child, spouse, partner, friend. Whoever you have incredibly strong feelings for. Imagine there is a huge crowd of people between you and your loved one. Imagine that you need to get to your loved one no matter what it takes. Imagine people are pushing you down. You get up again and start moving forward. The crowd spills water on you. They heckle you. They block you. They are trying to do their best to prevent you from getting to your loved one. But it doesn't matter. Nothing, absolutely nothing will keep you away. And you don't even think, not for a second, "well, I'll try tomorrow or next week." That would be absurd. Because you need to get to your loved one. Now.

That is what your dream is. Nothing will keep you away.Nothing will prevent you. It's absurd to think anything different. You don't care that obstacles are being thrown at you, left and right. That isn't the focus. You can see your dream and you will break through every damn challenge, negative talk, and disappointment until you are holding it in your arms.


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