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Your Desired Outcome

If something feels like a drudgery, you won't do what it takes. Happily, or at all. Each step will feel like you are hauling a wet bag of cement up hill. In the rain. In heels.

However, if you are excited about your Desired Outcome, the steps to reach it will be easier. Whatever your Desired Outcome is, make sure it's fabulous so you don't even think twice about the steps. Cannot stress this enough. If you're not super enthusiastic, think about how much you really want it. Of if you're being forced into it. Or if you're just not jazzed enough about it.

I remember wanting to get married at the Rainbow Room (yup, 30 Rock). That was my desired outcome. Whatever steps I needed to take, I did. Nothing would have stopped me from getting married there. Nothing. I tackled each step one by one. And there were plenty. I was determined. I was on the express train and there were two stops. Where I got on. And where I got off.

So make your Desired Outcome something you're excited about. I mean like you're a kid of five again, and it's your birthday party, and there really is a pony ride, and your favorite cake magically appears, and all your friends show up.

So what is your Desired Outcome? Does it make your heart soar? Is it something you feel passionate about?

Get busy.

What's this got to do with success? You want a promotion? A career shift? Some kind of advancement? A trip you've been thinking about? A big move? Going back to school? How excited are you? The more exuberant you are, the more passionate you are, the easier the steps will be to get there. To get to your Desired Outcome. And you deserve that. It's time to start living out loud.


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