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Finally, "The" One

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

I know. I know. You're considering moving on. Thinking about The One. Finally a career relationship made in heaven. Something that feeds your soul.

So you take the natural next steps.

Step 1. Worrying that you won't find the career of your dreams.

Step 2. Spinning in circles and racking your brain about your strengths, trying to figure out what they can lead to. You spend a lot of time on this step.

Step 3. Watching your confidence spiral down little by little. You sometimes recall a time there was a leader inside of you. But that was long ago.

Step 4. Thinking about how your resume needs a major facelift, leaving you more overwhelmed than when you started.

But you need to find the new gig. So you rinse and repeat.

Please, let me take you by the hand out of this hell you're in.

Yes, there is a way out. It is not through worrying, obsessing, spinning, or being overwhelmed.

It is through imagination.

I know what you're thinking. Uh, has she gone mad? Imagination? What am I, five? I don't have time to freakin' imagine.

I am super serious about this.

Stop thinking about your current career, role, job. Stop focusing on that. You are keeping yourself in prison. Take the leap out of that nowhere land into the land of What If.

This is the beginning.

If this resonates with you, I'd love to give you what I have found to be so valuable.

So, please click here for your free Mindset Guide

And, here's a New York Times article you might enjoy - "How To Manage Your Career."


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