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Gremlins & the Comfy Couch

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

This is about your Gremlins. How they're messing with your life and sabotaging your career.

So settle in. On the comfy couch. That's where your gremlins hang out. That's where they want you to hang out.

I love my comfy couch. But I hate my gremlins. They're wicked smart. They know how enticing the comfy couch is. They know what I'm afraid of. They know my weaknesses, even when I try to fake it.

They know what makes me doubt myself. They know what holds me back from greatness. They've got my number.

And their only job is to keep me from doing what I am supposed to do. From living the amazing life I'm supposed to live. From taking a leap or even a baby step.

Gremlins love to whisper sweet nothings like:

Do not move off the comfy couch. It's scary out there. You might not succeed. You might fail. Big Time. You might get laughed at. You might lose your job. You might lose your friends. No one loves you as much as we do. No one is looking out for you as much as we are. No one is keeping you safe like we are.

Yes, and no one is keeping me small like you are.

If we want success, we need to show our gremlins who's boss. So...

Take 5 minutes.

That's all. You're going to do one thing that's a little risky or you just keep putting off. For just 5 minutes (longer if you like). Do it while your gremlins are napping.

Things like...

→dusting off your resume, calling a friend for career help,

→sketching, stretching, singing, writing poetry,

→cooking up that new dish, taking a walk, planning a trip,

→Cranking up your favorite music and dancing while you dust,

→starting that blog you've been thinking about, or the indoor garden,

→trying the cake decorating gizmos you bought,

→digging into that new book you've been too busy to read,

→pulling out the sewing machine or guitar from the closet,

→throwing some paint on that canvas that's been lying around,

OK. You made it. The 5 minutes is over. You're still standing. And breathing. Maybe even feeling pretty good.

Now, get out a pen and your journal (don't have one; get one). Write down what you did during those 5 minutes. And, how it made you feel. Hopefully you're writing down some good stuff.

Read it out loud.Yup, you heard me. Lots of power in reading this stuff out loud. This is what gives you the upper hand.

Do something unexpected every day. For just 5 minutes. This is where your great ideas start. This is where the rest of your life starts. All it takes is 5 minutes.

Show your gremlins, your saboteurs, your inner critic, your demons, who's boss. Success will follow.

Gremlins are messing with you and sabotaging your career.

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I created the section on Gremlins just for you.


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