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This Relationship is Over?

I thought this relationship would last forever.

But then it happened. Out of the blue. I lost my job. My amazing career. The love of my life. The place I went to each day and was actually happy.

The work relationship came to an abrupt end. I was devastated. For a long long time.

The hardest part was looking for a new job but still hanging on to the memories of the old one. Still pining away for the lost relationship. The one I invested so much in.

Even thinking maybe they'll realize they were wrong and beg me to come back. And I waited and waited.

This went on for months. I wasn't landing another job and I didn't understand why. All the while beating myself up that I lost this amazing career relationship.

AND THEN, I finally discovered something. I was SABOTAGING myself. I was letting my gremlins run me, and keep me from finding a new career.

I do know how you're feeling if you've lost your job. I do know that you are sabotaging yourself. Beating yourself up. Worrying and feeling overwhelmed.

And I am here to help you. This is the service I offer so that you can land a new job, and not be in agony for months on end.

I created my Free Guide to help you identify what is sabotaging you and keeping you from finding a new career. Keeping you from being happy.

My Free Guide is 6 Steps to Skyrocket Your Career. These 6 Steps has helped many many clients who have lost their job or are looking to make a career change. Spoiler Alert: There's a section on what is sabotaging your career.

You career is just another relationship. Come to it whole. Come to it as a Badass.

Click Here to get 6 Steps to Skyrocket Your Career


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