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You're Not Ready - Yet

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

There is a reason you didn't get what you wanted. Prepare yourself. The truth is you weren't really ready for it. Hard to swallow. I know. You've done so much work already in pursuit of this damn dream. What do you mean, not ready? What's next? Climbing Mt. Everest? Slaying a dragon? Reciting Hamlet backwards?

Impatience rules us.

And then we beat ourselves up. We plummet into a lovely little spiral and then the name calling starts: I'm a loser. I'm a screw up. I'm a nincompoop. I'm a chowderhead. I'm a moron. I'm a schlemiel. What the hell was I thinking anyway? I should just give up my dream of being a dancer, a chef, an executive, a writer, a CEO, an artist, an entrepreneur, a horse trainer, a tour guide, a flower arranger, the lead singer in a rock band, the owner of a bed and breakfast, the...

What we don't do is get out of our head long enough to think this disappointment is exactly what we need. This is a gift. I will explain so stay with me.

If we had gotten the dream job right out the gate, we might not have been completely prepared for it. And, we wouldn't be showing up as our greatest version of, well, us. We wouldn't have learned something critical, improved in some way, elevated to our bestest selves. We would have dived in, head first, thinking I made it! Check that one off the list! And we would have stayed in this space. Small. Maybe forever. Never realizing there was so much more to us. Never knowing the amazing gifts inside of us. None of us deserve to be cheated this way. We are meant to live big.

Say it out loud - "We are meant to live big."

If you think back to a time you didn't get the gig, the relationship, the home, the trip, when those things did appear, you were probably way more equipped. And they were way more stupendous than the first time they whispered in your ear, "come hither." But when we're in the waiting room, the limbo-ness of life, where every door has the word "uncertainty" stamped on it, we just want what we want, and wonder why the universe hates us.

So, the next time something doesn't come your way faster than you can say "Sh*t Happens," the gift is this:

Know there is something more for you to learn. Embrace this.

Know there's an action that will appear out of nowhere that you need to take. Be receptive.

Know that you need to evolve/stretch just a little more. Accept this.

Know that there's someone you might meet who will help you on your journey and catapult you to stardom.

Know that the right home will have everything you desire, be it a bachelor pad, a mansion, log cabin, penthouse apartment, or tree house.

Know that the job will be in the environment that makes your brain soar and your heart sing.

Know that the relationship which appeared from out of the blue, will set your soul on fire.

And on and on.

I invite you to practice patience. Put the phone down. Stop obsessing. It's a comin'. And in the meantime, stop pouting, whining, complaining, bellyaching, stewing, and boo-hooing. Recognize there's one more step you need to take, one more person you need to meet, one more door you need to open. Then you will be ready. Not just for success. For huge success.


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